Making Course

Learning making guitar guideline for 15-30 Days. 

1. Fundamental  wood working tool Method
     - Sharpening edge tool by water stone and diamond stone
     - Use hand  tool ex .scraper, chisel,file,rasp, Japanese handsaw

2.How to select material
     - Good cutting method
     - Differntiate between normal and first grade

3.Prepare guitar parts
     - Jigs for guitar making
     - How to process neck,soundboard,back&side

4.Assembly guitar.
     - Spanish style -Solera method

5.Set up
     - Fine setup, half pencil method.
     -Make nut saddle from bone blank.

6. Finishing .
    - for 15-20 Days is not enough time to complete finishing process.  but I will show you     
       how to make french polish on my guitar.
     - Sealing process
     - Filling porous
     - Build the layer
     - Rubbing for shiny
Material-Top: spruce or western red cedar,Back &side: indian rosewood.Tuner :Gotoh standard.
Fee US$ 3.500

All making process I will follow. Making a Spanish Guitar Book by Jose Luis Romanillos.
If you have any question please ask more Thank you.
For best result if you have time 3-4 weeks it will not so hard work.

Student Photos.

Mr.Jack Ng from Malaysia

Mr.Ivan Tan from Malaysia
Mr.Jing Chiau from Malaysia
Mr.Tan Sen Meng from Malaysia
Mr.Tosapon Jantarothai
 from Thailand 

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