About Me

My photo in the workshop, Bangkok 2019

     In 2005, I started learning a guitar making from  Mr.Wiroon Songbandit while working on the production of the chemical plant as an engineer. After a successful first guitar, I decided to start a career in guitar maker and I has created a workshop at home. In the first period of guitar making, I built both the steel-string and classical guitar.

Mr.Yuichi Imai and me, Tokyo 2008
From right: Liam, Jose and me
 guitar making course, Siguenza,2012

     Then in 2008, I had the chance to learned guitar making from Mr.Yuichi Imai in Tokyo, Japan. From this learning, I have developed the hand tools skills and make my guitar more elaborate as well. In 2012 was a time of big changes in regard to understanding the Spanish guitar,I had the opportunity to participate in Spanish guitar making course by Jose Luis Romanillos and Liam Romanillos in the Siguenza, Spain

From right:Enork, Jeffery and me
guitar making course, Kuala Lumpur 2013
 Henner Hagenlocher and me
Granada luthier school, Granada 2015
   Not only the classical guitar that I interested in steel string guitar also.In 2013, I attended a MIGFEST (Malaysian international guitar festival). There, I met Mr.Jeffrey Yong and tried his steel-string guitar. I have the impression from his guitar sound.  then I studied guitar making with him in Kuala Lumpur. Here I was learned techniques to use local wood in the guitar making and the use of electrical tools helped in making guitar to finish even faster.
   In 2015 I had the opportunity to visit Spain again to participate in guitar making course by Henner hagenlocher at Granada. This time I learned in different guitar making way and Idea from the year 2012  even both Spanish style.