My first work shop

In 2005 After finished studying guitar making. I set up my first workshop at home in room  about 4 * 4 meter size.The first set of tool and equipment purchased are small table drilling machine, air pump, second-hand dehumidifier, 4"table sanding machine.

     My first workbench was a table that already exists.I just put sheet of  plywood on top. 2006 New Year I have time two weeks. I built first wood workbench.Also during new year 2007,I built one more wood workbench which at the half area,I installed router table

My first workbench 

Wood workbench in first workshop


      2010 my home was renovated. The guitar workshop was moved to behind the home.The new work shop is bigger,total of about 60 square was divided into three rooms.First room is the room for normal work with hand tools.Second room is the  power tools storage room and the last room is spray room.I bought more power tools.Ex 6" jointer, drum sander, dust collector and 12" bandsaw.In 2015 I built two more wood workbenches for supporting  guitar making course.At the yard of my home,I built the wood storage room about 4*5 square meters.It is big enough place keep my wood for long time seasoning. 

Present guitar workshop

Wood storage room