Monday, October 12, 2009


the First Pattaya Classical Guitar Festival 2009
on31 October 2009
at the Siam Bayshore Hotel, South Pattaya City
14.00 Doors open: World-Class Guitars Exhibition and Guitar Workshop
16.00 Thailand Guitar Society Students' Opening Concert 
Intermission (length and time TBD)
18.00 Guitar Concert :
” Fly with Bird on the Rhythm of Guitar”
Ekachai Jearakul (Bird) & Padej Nedpakdee (Thailand)
Intermission (length and time TBD)
20.00 Guitar Soirée with : 
Woratep Rattana-umpawan (Thailand)
Nalin Komentrakarn (Thailand)
Yasuaki Hiura (Japan)
Leon Koudelak (Czech/Swiss)
during the intermissions: Exhibition of World-Class Guitars and coffee break
Ticket Price: 400THB for adults and 200THB for students
To book seats in advance, contact The Siam Bayshore Hotel at 038 428 678-81. 

For more information contact:

Woratep Rattana-umpawan:Tel: +66 81 854 9368Mail:

Leon Koudelak:Tel: :+66 81 453 1941Mail: